One day with super mom

Amazing mom, Linnea with her twin sons, Elvar and Vidar. One little girl is missing in the photos, her third child, doughter Tora that was away with her grandparents. Well, now she “only” had two kids to look after for a little while.

I’m always impressed by what Linnea is doing, managing her own company and her three beautiful kids. And she is not stopping there, she’s always looking for new ideas and new creative things to build up her company

I love to visit her and have a typical Swedish “Fika”. As we both are Swedish we love our “Fikas”. And in the middle of taking care of the boys and Elvar wants to just be with mommy she still has time to do a crumble apple pie to treat us. Well, women, we can do many things at the same time right? Haha.

So, I just recently got a film camera and I just love it. Even if the photos are a bit dusty and blurry, it makes them more real and that makes them even more beautiful. This is just captures during a “Fika” with my Swedish family in Iceland.

Love, J




I guess I will just start again, Hi <3Β 

As many of my friends know I always loved to blog. I started already when I was very young as the blog world started in Sweden. I guess I was 16 when I started blogging and I remember it was a “Food diary”, of course. I posted daily what I ate and the times haha. So funny. I guess food have always been a big hobby in my life.

I also just got a “new” camera, it’s actually a very old camera, from 1970. I just love the vintage pictures it takes and it’s so much more fun to shoot, it gets more real. So many of my photos will be posted with my vintage camera. I’m still learning how it works and it’s so fun. I hope you will enjoy my photos.

Love, J